Kubotans and Yawara Sticks

"There's no problem a stick can't solve."

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Hand crafted wood Kubotans and Palm Sticks from Cooleysticks are now available!  Not only are they beautiful but they are highly effective on the street as well.  Make no mistake, they are made with hard use in mind.


Please note that all Cooleysticks are hand crafted and may vary slightly in size and color from the pictures depicted.  I personally make each and every stick by hand as the order comes in.  There is no mass production going on here.  After each stick is cut, lathed and shaped from a blank, they are hand sanded to a very fine grit.  They are treated with high quality oils then buffed by hand with high quality waxes.  The waxed finish produces a very high luster and also allows the stick to fit positively in your hand.  Cooleysticks are some of the finest impact weapons available on the market today.  Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.  

Because each Cooleystick is hand made to order please let me know if you have any specific requests for your stick (dimensions, grips, etc).  No extra fees are charged for custom pieces because each and every Cooleystick is custom.

Cooleysticks offers an unconditional, 100% lifetime guarantee on all of its products.  If your stick breaks, cracks, warps, etc., simply send it back and I will make another one for you at no charge.  That is how confident I am in my products that are proudly made by hand in the USA. 


Please note my guarantee does not cover the Arnis sticks as rattan is designed to break after time. The time depends on how hard you train with them. They are still very hard, easily capable of breaking bone.




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    David Terrell